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First impressions are everything, especially in the online dating world. You only have a few pictures and a short bio to grab someone’s attention. Once you do obtain a match, your opening line must be engaging and entice your match to want to respond. Upon having a conversation and agreeing to meet, the first date is critical. There are tons of options: hiking, dancing, dinner, drinks, movies, bowling, long walks, etc.

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Find your match and plan your first date together through the Kaimzz app.

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Our partner coffee shops will be available for you and your date to select as a date destination.

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You and your date will enjoy your first coffee for free!


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To help facilitate an ideal first date situation, Kaimzz has brokered deals across the Bay Area. In conjunction with different coffee shops, a first free coffee will be offered to people who have their first dates at these establishments. We want to help users by eliminating the search for a first date destination, giving them one less thing to worry about when conversing and agreeing to meet up. To book your date, you will be able to go online, choose your destination, time, and day, and you’ll be locked in to the queue. Upon arrival, the coffee shop will know you and your match are on your first date and will create a romantic atmosphere and make you two feel comfortable. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and look forward to providing coffee shops with patrons and users a place to meet for their first dates.

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