Blind Dating the Answer?

  • 2019-07-24
Blog - Blind Dating the Answer?

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It feels like magic.

The conversation flies as freely as the butterflies in your stomach, and while you’re in a shop full of people, for the hour you can’t hear a thing over the voice across from you. Not even the buzz of your friends asking how the date is going can break your immersion in this moment.

There is no way you’re only meeting them for the first time, yet this is your first in-person meeting. This might’ve been a blind date but the result is clear to see you aren’t just happy, you’re beaming. And all from a dating app.

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Finding love is a difficult but rewarding game. While large metropolitan cities boast higher numbers of people and more active dating app users, it is especially tricky trying to find that person while living in the big city compared to a quiet suburb. It’s like a fairytale to finally connect with that special person amidst the bustle of a sprawling metropolis and the best dating apps can be like a GPS that helps us find a connection.

An issue for many of us navigg romance using online dating apps is that the road isn’t always clear and the destination seems to go further away with each mis-connection. You feel like you’re going in blind, and that’s because often you are.

The reality is that many online dating apps simply aren’t created to account for complex human interaction. Some online dating apps provide more questionnaires than answers, and as much information about you as they store, they don’t know you.

They might hold your selfie, list your favorite books and maybe your profile, but it takes more than surface information to be understood. You take just snippets of a person before a date and you’re essentially going in blind.

The best dating apps often have features that match you with someone based on common interests and location.

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The closer or more common the hobbies, the more likely you’ll select each other right? So you select and choose based on who you think might be a good fit, using online dating apps that are like broken GPS’s sending you roaming the romantic roads blinded by a really nice photo or witty line.

Yet many of us are still looking for a relationship or connection that goes beyond small talk and "thanks for the coffee." Many of us find out too late that Most of us are going on dates blind.

We pursue relationships because we want to be understood, we want to share life with someone special. But it is hard to be discovered by someone when the best dating apps treat you like another option on a menu and not like a dear friend.

There is the dating app, and then there is the master matchmaker friend. That person you know one who claims they are cupid and insists you go out with their friend from yoga class? The one who wants you to connect with the buddy they go running with? They’re really nice, you apparently have a lot in common, and you of course trust your friend.

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It turns out that blind dates can establish a connection that reaches beyond the superficial interactions of some online dating apps, and many romance-seekers actually have a high rate of success when matched up by a mutual acquaintance. One study showed as many as 1 in 4 newlyweds were the result of blind dates. There are a few reasons why this could be, but what is clear is that the future of the best dating apps looks like the ‘cupid’ friend who sets you up with the match of your dreams.

The best dating apps will actively give you an option for a "blind date" that acts like that matchmaking friend who “knows who you’d really get along with” and gets it. That kind of discovery is what we at Kaimzz aim to build.

For those who might be looking for a new way to connect with someone, or are tired of selecting based an outdated model, being matched with someone based on behavior, interests and personality can be a fun and refreshing change and the difference between walking blindly and on the clouds.

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After all, you only need a dating app to get it right once.

Kaimzz will provide users this opportunity to connect with their matches through the platform like no other app offers, a human interaction date before the real date. Kaimzz guarantees 100% risk free interactions because to us, Relationships Matter and we want to ensure that your relationships with the people you meet and us meets the standards you are seeking. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF THE ONLINE DATING INDUSTRY

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