Match with your soul instead of picture.

  • 2019-10-01
Blog - Match with your soul instead of picture.

When online dating was first introduced in 1994 with and subsequently in 1995, it changed the landscape of dating forever. Before these websites launched, people meet through friends, out and about, at work, or alternatively, such as mail order brides, matchmakers, speed dating, etc. Online dating provided the convenience of finding a potential soulmate from the comfort of your home. This novel concept allowed for users to see profiles of people and connect with them based on their attractiveness in pictures and perceived personalities through quick write ups in their bios. It seemed like a very superficial way of dating, basing your choices solely on a few pictures and how the person looks, but over the next 25 years, online dating has grown into a mutli-billion dollar industry. For some, it is the preferred method of meeting new suitors, while others have never even tried a dating application before. For the others, the missing human element and superficialness of it all are some drawbacks of the whole process of online dating. However, is there a way to incorporate a human element into a dating application? Is there a way for people to match more with their soul rather than just from pictures?

Physical attraction is usually the first step in connecting with someone, but that alone cannot sustain a relationship. Hence why mostly all dating apps start with swiping right on people you find attractive and swiping left on the people you do not find as physically pleasing. There are short bios and/or answers to questions that may reveal a little bit more about the prospective match that accompany these pictures, but mostly people bypass these to save time. People are more interested in getting to the conversation portion of the matching process in order to coordinate an in person meeting. As we are in more of a microwave society and people want instant gratification, taking the due diligence to get to know someone goes out the window. It is all about meeting the person as quickly as humanly possible and succumb oneself to hookup culture. This is what matching strictly on pictures brings to the dating industry: hookups that flame out quickly and leave people empty and craving more. Having things in common, shared topics to discuss, shared activities to participate in, while enjoying each other's company are some of the keys to a lasting relationship. You can find these out in conversation after the fact, but wouldn't it be better to find it out before you even go on that first date? Why waste your time on another dead end dating experience when you can work towards something real. Matching with pictures is so 2015. Matching with your soul is so 2019 and beyond. Matching with a dating app is yesterday's news. Matching with a relationship app will be the new craze.

When people think of relationship apps, they usually think about applications that are geared towards helping couples navigate trials and tribulations or find fun things to do within their already existent relationship. We at Kaimzz want to change this thinking and make relationship apps the new dating apps. We do not want you to just date on our application.

We want you to enter into lasting relationships and deeper connections and we won't be satisfied with ourselves unless we can make that happen. That is why our app is focused on the soul and creating something where people can truly get to know potential matches before the first date even occurs. It is time for a change in the industry and that change starts now with Kaimzz.