Is Online Dating the same as Blind Dating?

  • 2019-06-13
Blog - Is Online Dating the same as Blind Dating?

Blind dating has been a part of society forever, whether it was your best friend trying to hook you up with their gorgeous coworker or your college roommate looking for someone to take their brother out on a date Saturday night. Technically speaking, according to the dictionary definition, a blind date is arranged by a mutual acquaintance of both participants, whether that person is a friend of both persons or a family member of one. The two people who take part in the blind date have never met or seen each other, hence the phrase "blind date". Looking at this definition says one thing to me, online dating is the new age version of blind dating.

What are the similarities between traditional blind dating and online dating? With both dating approaches, you are entering into an engagement with someone you have not physically met in person yet. In traditional blind dating, you may see a picture of your date prior to your encounter, similar to seeing pictures posted on a dating app profile. But in both cases, you are not actually seeing them until you meet at the venue of your date. With online dating, you are able to see recent pictures that the matching hand-selected to put them in the best light. With traditional blind dating, if you do get a chance to see them in a photo, your mutual acquaintance will search for the best pictures to make them look amazing for you. But regardless of either scenario, you wouldn't really know what the person looks like until you're able to lay your eyes on them in person, which further shows the similarities between blind dating and online dating.

Blind dating, as well as online dating, are very helpful ways for people who are not as confident, are introverted, or just don't go out as often, a chance to meet someone they normally wouldn't get the opportunity to. Dating is already hard as it is, so the expectation to go out and meet the love of your life is just added pressure, especially for people where it's not in their nature to put themselves out there in a public setting. The bar scene is usually a rat race, where people are scrambling around intoxicated and looking to score with any man or woman they can see within arm's length. For some, this is an ideal Friday or Saturday night, participating in the "chase". For others, it gives them anxiety just thinking about it, they'd rather be home, be at the bar with friends not being bothered, or travel alone to get a drink and leave without any interruptions. The prospects of meeting someone out are not top of the list for people like this and they would rather try alternative avenues. Having the opportunity to meet someone through a dating application or have a friend facilitate the meet up makes things much easier. They can swipe from the comfort of their home or wait for one of their family members to set up a date for them with their attractive coworker they've been talking about. Either way, it saves them from having to be uncomfortable and trying to force themselves into situations they aren't accustomed to.

Both approaches also bring a level of excitement and anxiousness to the daters. When you meet someone at a bar, work, church, etc. you know what to expect when you're headed out for your date. Naturally, you may feel excited or anxious because of the unknown and eager to see how a night out with the person you hit it off with is just as great as you imagined after your first meeting. However, when on a blind date or online dating, you are anxious and excited for different reasons. You're really hoping that you won't be catfished and that the person you meet actually resembles their pictures or that the people trying to hook you up didn't oversell the person's attractiveness and they don't meet your expectations. You are also excited to see if there is a spark in your initial meeting because it differs from just chatting online or talking over the phone. In both cases, online or blind dating, there is a fear of the unknown, as things developed inorganically and you haven't met them in person prior to your date.

Regardless of the way you meet someone, blind and online dating are very similar and great ways to find dates. With the emergence of online dating, it is only natural that more and more people are trying this alternative, making it more of a modern-day blind dating approach. Kaimzz wants to be at the forefront of the online dating industry, providing users with as much information about their potential matches prior to meeting up to ease tensions and nervousness. With a unique approach and gaming element introduced into the app, Kaimzz will prove to be the hottest and most talked-about app on the market.