The Future of Online Dating Apps and Technology

  • 2019-08-08
Blog - The Future of Online Dating Apps and Technology

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Imagine how clear in a few decades time the best dating apps will be: out of a complex algorithm of research, preference, and experience never need to waste your time or money on a bad first date. Imagine having a few personally selected matches, potential partners who have the same humor as you, share the same values, and fit into your life like they were always meant to be there. The option to meet up with someone, no matter their area code or time zone, through VR and other technologies.

Imagine connecting with that someone who makes the butterflies in your stomach soar, someone whose feelings for you simply can't be put into words; imagine finding the fabled unicorn "one", all from a dating app?

As technology rapidly advances this future isn't too far off, and full-sensory VR dates will be a reality according to a report by eHarmony by 2040. Many industries are changing quickly, and online dating apps will no doubt be revolutionized.

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No question that the future of the dating app industry is bright, however, the current reality is that these innovations are a ways away, and even the best dating apps still need work. Because of impersonal interactions and dehumanizing dating app platforms, meetups can often be awkward at the very least and dangerous at their worst. Catfishing and fake profiles still exist even on the best dating apps, and we've all had a disaster date or two.

Unfortunately, online dating apps and the dating industry at large are still a ways away from being the perfect middle ground or 'wingperson'. Many are still frustrated and unfulfilled with their favorite and best dating apps. So how can a dating app bring a solution to this problem?

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So what is the next best thing? Hope on the horizon.

Many of the best online dating apps still fall short, even the best dating apps, because they are missing a key ingredient: how they use the technologies they have prioritizes sales over meaningful interaction, and memberships over safety and satisfaction. What makes Kaimzz different in the dating app sphere is the commitment to integrating technology for the basic human need to connect authentically, to be fully and truly known. When we are able to look past superficial things and connect to what really matters happiness isn't far behind. What we need is to humanize interaction.

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The best way to heal these problems is to humanize the online dating interaction. The way Kaimzz serves the dating app user is by letting people be themselves without the dehumanizing or superficial interactions; no one deserves to be reduced from a complex people to a squared snapshot, or to be judged by a left or right finger swipe.

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Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee without leaving the safety of your apartment while still getting to connect with another human? Dinner could be shared in a virtual safe space as you get comfortable with someone who wasn't just a pretty face or a witty line. While VR would be a powerful tool for any dating app, it wouldn't replace the need for basic conversational, relational, and people skills.

As we look to the future, advances like VR dating will become a norm in online dating apps and stand to revolutionize the way we connect. Like dating app use, video chatting, or mobile devices advancement before it, implementing technologies as amazing as VR won't be a cure-all for every potential issue in the dating world. Online dating apps provide a safe meeting ground and the technologies that Kaimzz use serve to make it is a safe and fair field for all.

Kaimzz provides that additional buffer against bad dating experiences like a case that saves our screens from the hardest falls and gives even the shyest of us a safe and comfortable way to come out of our shell and break the ice. To us Relationships Matter, and that means making sure you can meet people who meet the standards you are seeking so you can be yourself, and be yourself with someone special.

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