Honest Matters: Why Bio's and Selfies aren't Enough.

  • 2019-07-20
Blog - Honest Matters: Why Bio's and Selfies aren't Enough.

Before you buy a car you check out the history and description, we always check a restaurant's reviews before deciding where to order from, and you know you've taste tested ice cream before buying a double scoop of something new.

Picture it: a new flavor that looks and sounds absolutely amazing, and after grabbing a sample with a bright grin say to the server "I want two scoops of that, please!" Then, after anticipation has built on your tastebuds from each added topping, finding the flavor shockingly different from the first spoonful; in fact, the entire cone had been replaced with something that tastes a little like dead fish and a lot like...pecans?

Now imagine not even getting a taste test but instead, having to make a choice based off of a photo and a short bio of your treat.

Would you buy it? And what if you didn't like it, or worse it was something you were allergic to, how might you feel? If I find my friend buying something they don’t know for certain is what they’re looking for I would tell them.

The dream for many is to meet someone sweeter than ice cream on a dating app; someone special who you can enjoy a cone or cup with. With millions using online dating apps daily many have found that special one. But of course, while some find their special person, others might not get what you're being sold.

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Among complications in online dating apps, false advertising is a very real. Sometimes it is a simple misunderstanding, and others an intentional deception. Some think “maybe I can find my friend love” and set up a false profile, but people hate being lied to, which should come as a surprise to no one. The reality is that some use online dating apps while being less than completely honest. Some get on a dating app the same way they would a game to play with heartstrings.

Sadly, this is a widespread and fairly common issue among dating app users, but when joining a dating app is as simple as grabbing a nice photo and filling out a few lines of text, it is hardly surprising.

The Ancient Military Strategist Sun Tsu said 'War was based on deception' and we know "all is fair in love and war". Unfortunately, some have embodied and fused these anecdotes in pretty awful way's towards love, exaggerating in their bio's and deceiving with their photos and going to the best dating apps yet bringing their worst.

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“I’ll Find my friend Love”

Not only does this limitation of bio and photo make it easy to embellish a little and lie a lot, but it can also lead to one of the most dreaded words in all of online dating: Catfishing.

Even the best dating apps are full of stories of catfishing. A quick Youtube search reveals a problem that has existed as long as online dating apps have and affects even the most savvy.

Catfishing is what happens when a person is made to believe someone they are talking to online acts, lives or looks a way that is opposite of reality. It can be embarrassing and humiliating to be trapped in a web of lies, but can also be damaging or potentially harmful. Imagine how it might hurt to find my friend hurting? Imagine finding out the person you've been sharing your deepest thoughts with is not who they pretended to be? You finally meet them in person find entire chunks of who they painted themselves to be wholly missing?

The hurt and devastation lies wreak has shattered the strongest connections and severed our most sacred bonds. Relations built on lies cannot stand.

In the wild world of online dating apps, in order to stand above the rest, the best dating apps need to vett participants to block lies from being spread and prevent fake identities. Pictures may say a thousand words, but we humans aren't as simple as a few thousand words. Profiles should be more dynamic than a rounded photo and a couple of hobbies and highlights. You should be able to open up and be vulnerable with someone to whom you're connecting without any fear that they might be lying or catfishing you. You should be able to show who you truly are and see someone authentically, even on a dating app.

A confirmation system should be more than an email verification and a 500 x 500 jpg photo. Would you ever secure a jewelry store with a bike lock? A site that encourages and requires users to interact and present their true self would cut down on the noise: after all, you're bringing your A-game, so should they.

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The reality remains that enough singles looking for a connection have in their online dating apps a few bad apples spoiling things the good ones. That just shouldn't be the case.

Kaimzz is committed to protecting you and your heart on it’s journey to find real love the same way I would find my friend love and you would look out for yours. The way to do that is to allow humans to authenticate themselves and truthfully show who they are.

You shouldn't have to worry about free access being given to someone not being totally honest with you; you shouldn't need to worry that someone is going to not authentically see you. Relation Matters and building quality relationships start with honesty as the foundation. True, deep and fulfilling love is built on something real. Hearts aren't toys and relationships aren't a game.

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