1. Swiping

We have a deep understanding that everyone is not compatible with each other. Our goal is to help you narrow down your search and find your most compatible matches by setting your preferences to your liking, based on location, age, distance, and preferred interests.

2. Invitations

We believe that everyone loves to be invited to something. Receiving an invitation let’s people feel good about their relationship with someone. Within our app, after matching with someone, you can send them an invitation to connect with your potential soulmate on a much deeper level. This invitation will allow your match to play our dating stories and see how compatible you two are based on how their answers align with yours.

3. Human Touch

We believe in creating healthy and deep relationships. The way our app facilitates this is by adding a human element to your experience. Our live playable stories contain different dating scenarios and situations that will give you and your matches more insight into each other by further expressing your respective interests, day to day habits, behaviors, etc. before you go on your first date.

4. Accuracy

We care about our users and want to help you think about your needs and wants first. We are fully aware that first conversations can be awkward and difficult especially when you are fishing for more information about your match. We want to make this easier by letting you create your own playable situations, in order to get specific answers that you want to address with your potential matches. You’ll also be able to share the stories with others who have similar views and interests.

Suggestion accepted

We are here only for you, giving you the best experience ever is our main objective. We will truly appreciate any kind of advices from your side.