Is Online Dating the same as Blind Dating?

Online dating has been all the rage over the past decade, giving people immediate access to potential dates through their computers or handheld devices. In just a few seconds, you can swipe and match with someone you are attracted to. In the subsequent minutes, you can strike up a conversation and set up the first date. It is very simple and convenient. But even with this convenience, there is some element of blind dating that is associated with online dating, no matter the information you are presented with from out the gate.

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The Future of Online Dating Apps and Technology

Technology plays a monumental role in our everyday lives. Everything from how many steps we take to how we manage our time, learn and share information to ordering from our favorite little takeout spot is done with the help of ever-expanding role of technology. Life, much like technology, is ever changing, and online dating apps are no exception to this rule. The horizon for the best dating apps looks brighter and brighter the further into the future we gaze. Teeming with innovations in Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence, and even DNA matching integration, the dating app world is more than ready for these tools.

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Blind Dating the Answer?

Maybe the sun is a little lighter, or maybe the aroma of artisanal pour-over is extra strong today, but the charming coffee spot just seems a little more alive: this morning seems a little brighter. You skip right to the pickup; you're too clever to wait around for what you know you want. Steam rising from the soy latte in hand, you scan the room until you notice the pair of bright eyes from across the room, smiling as warmly as the cup in your hand. Hey," you say buzzing as you approach your date at a window booth", Hey yourself," they say as you take a seat."

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